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I've been attending the Soul Line Dance class since Jan 2017. The workout and instruction is much more than I expected and the medical benefits truly shocked me. I'm a Type2 Diabetic, my A1C level was 11, Three months later it was 7.7. My doctor said keep dancing and she is happy that I found a way to workout and enjoy it! Exercise is important and trying to find a sustainable and enjoyable class is not easy. Your class has given me something to look forward to and my medical numbers show it.

Sue C.

I was the picture of health for my age, exercising 5 days a week. That was until my blood pressure imbalance caused me to pass out in class. I stopped exercising for a year. In 2016 I started coming to your class and the doctors say that my blood pressure is under control now. I sing in class, I'm turning around almost touching the ground, I'm not afraid to turn the wrong way or use the wrong foot, I thank God that I'm soul line dancing because it keeps my blood pressure from rising too high. I'm getting healthier again, Thank you.

Marsha R

First of all I feel so much better!

When I first met you, you mentioned that you had 8:00 am classes, I balked because I knew that there was NO way that I could get up early enough, nor would I want to. If I had the chance to sleep, I was going to sleep. The problem with that was, it was depression that was causing me to sleep so much. It was a way to avoid life. After going to the monthly Night Out, I saw how amazing the group was and how much fun they had.

I was pretty intimidated the first time I came to class too, because you are such a closely knit group. I didn't want to feel like an outsider. But when the class said "Hello" to me, I knew I had been wrong.

After 2 months of joining the group, I'm happier, healthier, I'm more social and I'm on the mend in my faith. For all these reasons,

I am thankful that I stumbled across your dance class. It really has been life changing for me"

Sherry K



I dont know how to thank you enough for introducing me to soul line dancing. I never imagined that I could dance. Dancing changed my life, it makes me feel good. I'm having so much fun and enjoying every minute of it and I'm exercising at the same time.  I'm looking forward to my Mon,Wed & Fri mornings because I know finally there is an interesting thing for me to do.

Through your line dancing class. I have found some new friends, and you have become my extended family.

God Bless.

Jocelyn R 

When I heard that Tami was starting SLD at the Senior Center, I was ecstatic because I love Soul Music and I love to dance.  I really enjoy Tami's enthusiastic SLD class! Tami I just want to thank you for the wonderful classes. I thoroughly enjoy them. I'm a bit limited as to doing some things such as spinning around because I get dizzy.

May God continue to bless your business with supernatural increase. It's a great way to workout while dancing to the music I absolutely love.

I'm 77 yrs old and I have been her student from the very 1st class.

Odelia H. 

I am 68 years young.

I joined the Soul line dancing class because I enjoy dancing and it was a great way to meet friends. Line dancing has helped me stay fit. I've seen many benefits from lowering my blood pressure as well as helping me manage my blood sugar levels. When I'm line dancing with my firends we all have a great time and share a lot ot laughs. Line dancing is also a hit at my families parties because it gets all the guests involved.

Daria H

One of the best things I've done this year was joining he Soul Line /dance class at the Moreno Valley Senior Center. I look forward to meeting with this group 3 days each week. What is so amazing and unique about our class is that we are a dynamic group of mature men & women who have a lot in common. We love music, dancing and socializing. We want to spend our time wisely, and we are all determined to be as physically fit as possible at any age. Soul line dancing has helped each of us in many ways to reach our goal to acheive better health. Since I've joined the class, I have met so many wonderful people. I look forward to participationg in he classes, having lunch together, the end of the month banquest/birthday parties and other community functions. We have so many exciting things to do which leaves NO time for me to become bored.  


My life has become more balanced than it was before I joined the class. The benefits I've gained since actively participating in the SLD class includes Major improvements in my health as my blood pressure has stablized and my physician has taken me off of blood pressure pills that I've take for the past few years. Another great benefit is that I sleep and rest better now. My docotr's only comment is "Whatever you are doing is working for you and I suggest that you keep it up" I have not heard this type of remark in years regarding my health.


My next goal is to look fabulous for my upcoming birthday in January, so I plan to keep moving & grooving to the soulful sounds of music and have a lot of fun with the class. People often ask me how old I am, when I tell them my age, they look absolutely amazed and say "I cant believe it, you look so young and healthy". Then I amuse them further by saying "Seniors are no longer looking forward to getting loder, but we are looking forward to being healthier, more active living longer and being the BEST that we can be".   And last, but certainly not least, Thanks to our awesome dance instructor Tami Drayton who is such a great inspiration & positive role model for our dance class.


Sylvia V

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