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As we age our body's joints begin to stiffen, our muscles begin to atrophy and our minds begin to wander. Dance & Music help bodies stay agile, muscles strengthen to prevent injuries and minds stay focused preventing the onset of Alzheimer disease.


Our attendees ranging from 50-80 years old attend classes 3-4 times each week. They have seen improvement in their physical mobility, Ms. Margie and Wanda who were unable to turn due to vertigo or dizziness, have become very comfortable with turning now. 

Some attendees like Sherry and Stephen have remarked on how depression was overwhelming when they first began and now they are excited about life and look forward to the classes each week. 

Jocelyn said her Self esteem that was at its lowest due to divorce is at an all time high since joining the classes, she feels alive and sexy again. 

Ms. Rita 74yrs & Ms. Su 83yrs. would sit and watch the class, now they get up and participate.


We show the basic recipe of movement and make modifications for those who need it due to knee, back, hip, neck issues. After a few months they can add their own "flavor" which ofttimes results in them being comfortable enough to try the basic moves and they see that they can accomplish it with ease. The very active members turn it up and begin making the low -impact class a HIGH impact class with deeper  squats and higher knee lifts.


We dance to music that they are all familiar with, Music from the 1950's to the 1980's are the foundation of our classes. When the songs come on, the faces light up with nostalgia as they recall the significance of the song in their lives. 

Music can not only improve the mood of people with neurological diseases, it can boost cognitive skills and reduce the need for antipsychotic drugs.


The icing on the cake is that Meeting new friends and socializing together has become a common occurrence after class.




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