About the Groove "Music" Department

Our "Groove" Department is lead by Motown Songwriter/Producer

Mr. Clay Drayton.

Music has been used to heal bodies, minds & spirits for centuries.                                              

In 300 BC David played the Lyre (Stringed instrument) to rid off the evil spirit that tormented King Saul. (1st Samuel).


In the 1600’s after long days in the fields, slaves would gather by the fireside and sing songs to uplift their spirits. They also used songs to encourage and remind themselves that freedom was just around the corner.


Robert E. suffered for 4 years with a painful unknown disease. After little to no help from the U.S. and German doctors, he began to play the piano to ease his mnd and the music began to ease his pain. Today he is Pain FREE.


When dealing with a frustrating day, we can turn on music to help us fuel our anger & rage OR music that would soothe the savage beast.




Over 37,000 people in Riverside county have Alzheimers disease. Our goal is to use music to assist in the prevent the onset and slow down the progression of Depression & Alzheimers. 


AS WELL AS  ... provide a stage for retired musicians who are no longer traveling or touring and still want to be actively making music.

Monthly DRUM CIRCLES are an informal expression for ALL to make music.

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